Horten Rugby Klubb - Health and Development project

HRK Junior Membership Tally: 

In 2016  Rugby 7s was included into the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. It is also one of the fastest growing sports globally.

Playing Rugby is a proven way for a person to exhibit Rugby’s values of Respect, Solidarity, Discipline and Integrity, and its players are expected to take these values off the park and into society. It is with the strongest intention that Horten Rugby Club promotes the uniqueness of its sport in relation to living these most basic and critical personal values.

Therefore the Horten Rugby Club has a responsibility to volunteer itself to improve the quality of life for all in the community it represents at the same time as promoting the development of Rugby: “The game they play in heaven”. Born from this responsibility, a strategy for how the Horten Rugby Club shall behave towards the promotion of Horten’s community values, and the growth of both the Club itself and the sport of Rugby, is presented in the form of the “Rugby Fun” project.

  Rugby  Fun 

Thank you to both Sparebankstiftelsen & Gjensidigestiftelsen, without their contributions this project would not be possible!