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April 15 2017


2017 Gift packs are Ready !


All under 18 members signed on through Minidrett.no will receive a membership gift pack from the Horten Rugbyklubb valued at 500 kr. 



Pack contents are:

Gym bag

1 Litre Water bottle

8Gb USB Memory Stick

Horten Rugby Beanie

Centurion Rugby ball



Each year of the Rugby Fun project, junior members will receive a similarly impressive gift pack to take home.

January 11 2017


Following on from Gjensidigestiftelsen's presentation for funding of 360,000 kr in December, DNB has provided Rugby Fun and Horten Rugby Club funding for 200,000 kr over the next 4 years of the project.


Makes a Grand total of 560,000 kr towards the kosthold and safe development of our young Rugby players and community.


Funding goes towards protective wear for the different age groups so they have to opportunity to learn by doing with the best care taken WHEN they do make mistakes...


December 13 2016


Amazing day  for Horten Rugby Club. Successful  grant application for Rugby Fun  confirmed with  presentation of  a cheque for  360,000  kr .  


Discussions  between the two funding groups mean that Gjensidigestiftelsen will take  part of the grant and a new announcement coming later in 2016 or early 2017 from DNB will complete the full grant balance. A huge day for Horten Rugby and the future of our junior players for many years to come.



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